Saturday, August 10, 2013

Wunderlich and El Corte De Madera

I will have to remember not to bring my hat next time I go to Wunderlich.  There are waay too many trees to have to worry about the sun...   I know I have written about these trails before, but I can't get enough of them.  There is something about running on a buffed out, needle cushioned trail at the base of giant trees.  While you are not necessarily engaged with the trail that much, it is nice to get into the "zone" and just enjoy your surroundings, the sounds of the forrest, the lush plants, the quiet pit-patter of your footsteps, measured breaths, it is all very meditative.  

El Corte De Madera Creek trail is a treat.  Definitely in the "zone" here.

The Bear Gulch Aid Station for Crystal Springs Trail Race.
While running up to skyline through Wunderlich I observed the tell-tale signs of a trail race going on.  I have raced this particular course before, although with another race promoter.  Today, Coastal Trail Races was putting on the event.  As I approached the Bear Gulch Aid Station at Skyline, I told the lady setting up the table there that I had been seeing these flags tied into the trees and bushes on the way up and decided to collect them all and put them in my bag.  Then I asked if they were hers.  A desperate look came over the womans face and she said: You did what?!?  Well, you need to go put them back...  Oh your joking right?  Your joking, oh you got me!   One of the best jokes I have had in a while, and you can tell how desperate I am if I post it on my blog...

The run ended up being about 20 miles, but considerably faster than last week.  I always bomb the final five miles down through Wunderlich, so that probably skews things.  It was like 3.5 hrs, and I felt like I barely got a long run in.  But thats ok, that gives me something to build on...

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