Monday, January 18, 2016

Cone Peak w/ James and Paul

Headed down to Big Sur to do some fun mountain scaling with buddies James and Paul.  Cloudy, overcast day: good for running, not so good for views.  Here are some pics and a few clips from traversing the ridge from Twin Peaks over to Cone Peak:  (Lots of blurriness because of the moisture - sorry)

Limkiln State Beach.

Cone Peak hiding somewhere back there in the clouds.

High surf advisory today.  The waves on the beach surprise you.

James dubs this run "Sea to Sky".  So here we are at the Sea.

One of the kilns.

The majesty of the Redwoods.

Climbing the ridge.

Into the second layer of clouds.

Secluded camp site.

Can you spot James?

Twin Peak

The "sky" portion of the run.  Lunch on the fire tower.

The traditional water stop on the way down.

Under water shot of our "water supply"  no filtering required.

Quads were burning at this point.

Feels better now.

Told you those waves sneak up on you!

I guess this was sea to sky to sea!
Ridge Traversing: