Sunday, May 10, 2015

Quicksilver 100k Report

No, I didn't race.  But it was a full day out on the trails.  Organizing and executing a an ultra race of this magnitude on one's home turf is quite an endeavor.  Besides some issues with runners taking wrong turns on an admittedly criss-crossy course, it seems like runners came away from our race with a great experience.  Here are some pics:

Views from the Lexington Reservoir Aid Station

Lexington Aid Team.  Notice Marc's cute Montrail jacket?

Jean held 4th position all day long!

Notice Marc's cute Montrail jacket?

Stuart was steady as can be, looking good at 25 miles in.

Doc Noc goofing around (before he goes bananas the last 15 miles)

He goofed around so much he forgot his iPod!  Notice Marc's cute Montrail jacket?

Nakia is all business.  PA all the way!

Chris Eide, not blowing his wistle.

Donnie B.  Before the paramedics got to try out all of their toys on him...

Mile 25 aid is nice.  Because they are still smiling.  Nick is happy.

This guy is always flexing.  I saw three different shirts on Marty this day.

This is what a 67 year old ultra runners knees look like.  Well, after fall numero uno.  Jim just keeps going.

Herr Strauss.  Wanting to know what 60 year olds are ahead of him.

Marco says couch to 100k - not the way to go...

John wants to know why he is sweeping 28 miles, and me only 18...
Of course it is because he is such a handsome endurance athlete - see how everyone is looking at him with longing gazes.

Jean does it again.  Known affectionately as the "freak".  Races perpetually, and kicks butt perpetually.

Must have got a ban-aid on that knee.

Stuart pops a 40 minute PR on what seems to be one of his strongest stages  - hilly 100k's!

Views while sweeping the last 18 miles of the course.

Sachin pulling ribbons from the course.