Friday, August 30, 2013

Training Log 8-24-13 to 8-30-13

Sat: 25 miles.  Mostly Hiking, but a lot of heart rate red-lining...Still time on the feet, so I will count it.
Sun: 30 miles.  Good 5 hr, 20 mile hard effort.  Amazing trip.  A recharge for the soul...
Mon: nothing.
Tues: am: 4.5 easy, pm: 4.5 easy. pm2: racquetball.  Didn't feel too bad.
Wed: am: 6.84 miles, 1085 ft climb moderate effort rancho run, pm: 4.5 easy- Felt good.
Thur: am: 1 m warmup, 8x800m intervals, 1 m cooldown, pm: 4.5 easy- intervals were tough, but made it through ok, started to notice the neuroma in the ball of my right foot acting up a bit in the afternoon run, evidence of the mileage piling up...
Frid: a.m. 5.6 easy

Total: 91.44 miles running.  16 miles bike (commute to work 2 days).  Actually a good chunk of this mileage was hiking, so I don't think it is too much of a mileage bump.  Probably will not hit 90 miles next week, and that is ok.  Legs are not feeling as peppy as at the beginning of the buildup, but I think it is too be expected, they are pretty much in constant recovery mode right now...

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  1. Had to chuckle to myself on Saturday's comment regarding 25 miles. "Still time on the feet, so I will count it."

    The luxury of the ultra fit, to decide if they count certain miles or not.