Friday, August 23, 2013

Training Log 8-17-13 to 8-23-13

Sat: Just playing around, no training really.
Sun: 29 mile mountain road run.  Wore myself out pretty good.
Mon: am: 3.2 easy, pm: 4.5 easy- feeling the mileage from the day before, probably could have used more rest
Tues: am: 3 easy, pm: 5k race.  Ran 17:56, slower than I was hoping, but felt like throwing up and pooping my pants at the same time... the perfect 5k pace.  New PR on the "New Normal" course
Wed: am: 7 easy, pm: 4.5 easy- starting to feel back to normal.
Thur: am: 7.9 mile tempo at rancho - 1550 climb, pm: 4.5 easy, pm2: racquetball.  Rancho run was great, saw Max running with his group on the way back to the car.
Frid: a.m. 5.6 easy, pm: racquetball

Total: 72.7 miles running.  28 miles bike (commute to work 3 days, library run).  Mileage still increasing.  I would say overall it was a good week of training, probably not the best way to get in a 5k "time trial", but it was a good speed effort nonetheless.  The body is holding up rather well.  No pain, but I am feeling some background fatigue, but this will probably be the new normal in the final month of buildup for me.


  1. The perfect 5k race, eh? Kinda funny that's it's simultaneous feelings of body elimination instead of just collapsing exhausted.

    Hey, just curious, is there a reason you do your training logs from Sat. to Fri.?