Friday, September 13, 2013

Training Log 9-7-13 to 9-13-13

Sat: nothing. at all.  Sat in a recliner all day.
Sun: 21 miles.  Good, old, black.  Felt harder than it should have.
Mon: am: 3.2 easy, pm: 3.5 easy
Tues: am: 7 miles moderate effort rancho run. pm: 3.5 easy. 
Wed: am: 4.5 miles easy pm: 3.5 easy- 
Thur: nothing
Frid: nothing

Total: 46 miles running.  Still haven't fixed the bike.  Disappointing week for sure.  Shortly after logging my miles one week ago I was standing at my computer when a pain crept up through my shoulders and then onto my neck.  It rendered me useless for the next couple of days, but I forced myself to get out for 21 miles at rancho on Sunday morning.  Then, true to my commitment to a "deload" week, I backed off of the mileage and generally was trying to take it easy.  Still, the runs felt labored and I was more sore than I should have been.  It was bewildering.  Then after an easy 3 mile jog on Wednesday I bent over to tie my shoes and pulled something in my lower back which has rendered me useless to this very moment.  Who knows when things will get back to normal...


  1. Man ... i hope you feel good soon ...

  2. The getting through it is the hard part, but I have faith that you'll be restored to good running health at some point! Praying for you.