Friday, September 27, 2013

Training Log 9-20-13 to 9-27-13

Sat: 30 miles.  Reverse Saratoga FA.  Pure awesomeness.
Sun: Took it easy.
Mon: am: 4.5 easy, pm: 4.5 easy.
Tues: am: 8.86 miles 1885 ft climb hard rancho run, pm: 4.5 easy.  
Wed: am: 3.5 easy pm: 3.5 easy. 
Thur: am: 3 easy, pm: 15x300 intervals, .5 warmup, .5 cooldown pm2: racquetball
Frid: am: 3.5 easy pm: racquetball?

Total: 71.86 miles running.  Back is still not back to normal, but it doesn't seem to be impacting the training too much.  I am pretty sure I am slowing it's recovery with the amount of stress I am putting on it.  But there is no rest until after Firetrails.  I am not getting in quite as many miles as I was hoping for this stage of my training, but given the circumstances, I will take it.  The legs seem to be fairly peppy, but the body has been tired a couple of times this week, I am starting to look forward to being done with this!

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