Friday, September 20, 2013

Training Log 9-14-13 to 9-20-13

Sat: Hit the sauna to try and get the lower back better.
Sun: 28.6 miles.  Rancho to Alpine Pond and back.  Went ok, but was a little stiff due to the tight back.
Mon: Nothing.
Tues: am: 3.2 easy, pm: 5k race.  I didn't go all out but ran a nice, fast 18:25.  Back is still getting better.
Wed: am: 7 miles easy pm: walk.  A cold took the wind out of my sails...
Thur: pm1: racquetball, pm2: racquetball
Frid: afternoon walk, back is still tight.

Total: 47.6 miles running/walking.  Still haven'f fixed the bike.  Neck and then lower back have really cut back on the mileage I was hoping to get in.  Then the cold.  Oh well, it's just the way it is sometimes...

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