Friday, September 6, 2013

Training Log 8-31-13 to 9-6-13

Sat: 20 miles.  Pretty steep stuff.  Hot.  Beautiful.
Sun: 21 miles.  Good, old, black.  Body did back to back 20 milers and felt fine.
Mon: am: 4.5 easy, pm: 4 mile hike w/family
Tues: am: 8.06 miles, 1885 ft climb hard effort rancho run. pm: 4.5 easy. Did the orig PG&E loop with probably my fastest time ever.  Felt great.
Wed: am: 7 miles easy pm: 4.5 easy- Legs felt peppy.
Thur: am: 4.5 easy, pm: .5 m warmup, 9x800m intervals, .5 m cooldown- intervals felt good. pm2: racquetball.  really feel strong.
Frid: a.m. 5.6 easy

Total: 89.16 miles running.  8 miles bike (got a flat-too lazy to fix).  Biggest running week yet and miraculously my legs feel peppy again, totally unexpected.  The neuroma that was acting up a little last week gave no issues this week.  Thinking about taking a de-load week next week.  Really hard to do since everything is coming along so nicely, but I think discipline is in order here.


  1. Whoa! 89 training miles in a week is a monster week! Any big races on your calendar yet?