Monday, June 13, 2016

Quicksilver 100k Report 2016

Lexington Aid Station 2016:  I got fired from my duty as aid station captain.  My duties were taken by veteran Amy Burton who showed me how it is really done.  Sadly I didn't even receive the title of deputy captain which fell to the young John Paul Burton.  Lesson one: bring donuts for the volunteers!  Duke and Bjorn were there to actually do work while I sulked off to the side with my donut.

John Paul - I assume he is doing some sort of important clerical duty required by the captain...otherwise the "deputy" might have actually got away with doing less work than I did.

I had a happy french-man picture and this one.  This one makes me laugh.

John Burton ran into our aid station along with the only man in the race who could make him look wimpy and un-impressive.  Here he is receiving some aid of questionable legality from the "captain".  The "deputy" looked on.

I'm sure Chris wasn't just flexing for this photo op!

The Matt Ward.

The women's leader, Krissy Moehl asks: which way to the weight room?


Saurabh - I'm sure he was talking about triathlons or something like that.

Clyde the glide - gracing Quicksilver with his presence!

Some old guys.

15 yr old Briley.
I was sweeping the Quicksilver course when I came upon the Kennedy aid station.  The aid station volunteers wanted to know if they could send 15 year old Briley back down the mountain with me (they needed an extra space in their vehicle for a drop from the race).  So funny - poor Briley was going to get a fierce introduction to the silliness of this sport.  I grabbed some food and we were on our way - Briley eager as a pup to take off!  I said: slow down there lad - I need to see if I can shove all of these potato chips down my throat by the top of the climb.  The poor guy was completely deflated.  All he wanted to do was run and here I was stuffing my face with food.  Well, we did start down the other side of Sombroso when I started to probe him about his running credentials.  It was somewhere in here that he took a tumble down the trail.  It started to hit me that someone had entrusted the safety of this young man to me and I was already failing miserably.  His longest run before this was 13 miles - we did 15 with about 2000 ft of climbing and 3000 of descent, lol.  Needles to say, he was ready for his burger when we hit the picnic area!


  1. You can do one better than doughnuts -- bring them something your wife baked!

  2. Amy is legit! Did you take notes besides the donuts? ;)
    Pretty sure permits are needed for all those guns...
    One thing is for sure, Briley will never forget that run with you!

    Too kind Jess, too kind. If they were maple glazed, not sure about that... ;)