Monday, June 13, 2016

Mission Peak from Ohlone College

Going up from Ohlone College

Nice views as you climb.

Rescue Copter.  I was going up the trail when I noticed the helicopter circling above.  I didn't really think much of it as there are helicopters seemingly everywhere around here.  As I was going up the trail I noticed a bunch of hikers camped out in the shade of some trees which made sense because of the really hot afternoon.  At some point the helicopter was loudspeakering something to me that I couldn't quite understand.  I later decided they were trying to tell me to clear the trail.  As I climbed I saw the helicopter set down on this open knoll where I was just at.  I assume there was someone in that hiking group that needed a rescue.

Final Stretch.

Paragliders having some fun

The Sunol.

Above the bay.

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