Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Hunter S. Thompson Fear and Loathing 50 kilos Report

I don't know the history of this event, you can check out their website if you care.  I first did the 50 mile version of this fat ass in 2011.  It was my second 50 mile race two weeks after my first at Dick Collins Firetrails.  The concept is pretty straight forward: just follow the 49 mile scenic drive in San Francisco.  It is a great sight seeing tour and there are plenty of beverages and sustainment that one might obtain along the way.  No need for aid stations!  But there are some awesome volunteers that go ahead and set up aid stations out of the back of their cars along the way.  I was looking forward to a nice "fun" run in the city and just doing the 50 km course so I could get back home in time to fulfill some family obligations...

The 50 km course.  You go counter-clockwise.
Elevation profile.

For some reason my wife liked this picture from the top of Twin Peaks at the start of the race.

Pretty good crowd for a fat-ass.

Picture of Jean taking a picture...

Chiping and Keith Blom were the instigators of this event.  Chiping is the guy in blue, helping out at the first aid station.

The SF SOMA skyline is changing.  I don't remember any of those tall buildings the last time I was here.

This church has an impressive roof.

Stan and company getting us fueled up!

I was just cruising when I noticed this dude jogging in the middle of the street.  Poor guy was mumbling profanities every other footstep.  As I pulled out my turn sheet to figure out where to go next he yelled at me the exact directions for the next three turns.  The guy is Errol "Rocket" Jones, and this is his birthday race.  He and his club have been doing this race for thirty years and it is right around his birthday.  His hamstring was giving him some issues but he was determined to get it done today.

This is the church that many of the other runners didn't get to see because they followed the provided turn sheet.  I too would have missed it, but as I took the incorrect turn I heard Earl's booming voice from a block away to put me back on course.

Views of the city as we climb up to the tower.

Ghirardelli  Square.


Golden Gate somewhere back there.

This aid station had birthday cake for "Rocket", hot cider, and champagne.  Awesome.

This was the crew that I was cruising with for most of the run.  Rocket, Suzanne Bon,  Todd, and guy in green.

The aid station where you have to decide to go for the 50 miler or cut back to Twin Peaks and finish the 50k.  I chose the 50k - family stuff later in the day!

Back up to the peak.

Hanging out with other finishers before heading home.


  1. Rocket beat your pocket
    sheet for the street
    turn hope you learn
    for the next sore
    run in the sun
    fain in the rain
    cool by Rocket fuel.

  2. It's there were few who did 50 miler, next year I will do this with you ... Also not running is making me feel as if I am gaining weight ... I shouldn't eat so much ...

    1. Gaining weight in the off-season is a normal thing! Just provides fuel for next season...