Saturday, March 28, 2015

Seth's first backpacking trip: Black Mountain of course...

I've been promising Seth I would take him backpacking.  I got derailed after the Ventana trip when I was still so swollen and miserable from a poison oak reaction that I couldn't even think about going anywhere near outside again.  Finally, this seemed like a nice Friday evening to make a trip up Black Mountain with my four year old.  The conditions were basically perfect and I consider his first trip a success.  Here it is in pictures:

Starting out from Montebello main parking.  I at least made him carry all of his clothes, flashlight, and other personal essentials.  Gradually I will introduce more load for him as he gets bigger.

Pointing out some of the wildlife down in the canyon.

Nice time for wildflowers...

There are some great views atop this mini-summit.  On a clear day you can see San Fran, Ocean, East bay, and our house.

Starting to build camp.

Tight quarters, but plenty of room for us.

Seth, getting his game face on.  He was looking forward to using his headlamp once it got dark.

Playing around on the Druid Ruins at the top of Black Mountain. 

Dinner time!  Cheetos are awesome.  Even a week after they weren't anymore.

Seth's first encounter with dehydrated backpacking meals.  He was not impressed.  In fact he took one bite and declined the rest.  Back to cheetos and jerky for him!  The absence of a tooth at the tender age of four was probably mainly due to his nasty rock chewing habit from his younger years.

He passed out in two minutes.  I envy this ability.

Next morning.

Getting ready for our hike back to the truck.

Indian Creek trail descending into the canyon.

The home stretch.

Obligatory finish photo!

I think he did good overall.  Some whining on the climb up to Black the day before, but he will continue to get tougher.  I hope.  When asked what he though of the trip, he said he had a bunch of fun.  I think I learned my lesson from taking uncle Josh up Cone peak in Ventana as his first backpacking trip - start mellow, hook em with the easy stuff, and then hope that they choose to start trying harder, more adventurouse trips down the road.  I might have ruined uncle Josh.  Pity.


  1. Slam dunk on the awesome Dad points! He has been looking forward to this trip a LOT. Glad it went so great, thanks for taking him!

  2. Excellent ! Not quite Rax.... but looked like a lot of fun !

    1. Great memories of the Rax trips...

    2. Always the cool arch for a picture ! It looked liked Seth was really feeling special and loved.