Monday, November 25, 2013

El Toro

Morgan Hill is a "bedroom community" (whatever that means) just south of San Jose.  If you extended the Santa Cruz mountain range down south and the Diablo Range down south, the valley that is formed between the two coastal mountain ranges contains San Jose, Morgan Hill, and Gilroy, and maybe some other cities I'm not thinking of.  The prominent high ground of Morgan Hill is a sight called "El Toro".  It is a symmetrical cone shaped peak that presents some really nice views from the top.  Toshi wanted to visit the peak and since he established my flexibility with regard to my views on land ownership rights and the sort, he invited me to go along on a stroll through various fields (under/over various fences) until we reached the summit.
The prominent high point of Morgan Hill
Toshi is too weak to climb this mountain, so he uses a rope...

These flowers melted.

I told Toshi I would buy him a burger, but he had different ideas.

This was right before Toshi led me through a thicket of unknown plants which I assumed to be poison oak.  He always tells me: Nah, there was no poison oak...  Yeah right!

Some off trail adventures.
Yet another Bay Area peak in the bag.  Keep em coming...


  1. "A bedroom community: residents sleep in these neighborhoods, but normally work elsewhere; these communities have little commercial or industrial activity beyond a small amount of retail, oriented toward serving the residents."

  2. Oops, forgot to give credit to wikipedia.

    Also, nice photo captions. Very amusing.


    The 'Causes' section is especially interesting, and mentions our area several times.

    I will now cease commenting on this post. You're welcome.

  4. ^ :) Nice pocket of info.
    I agree, funny captions! Especially the carcass one. Toshi does get pretty hungry.

  5. In Japan, we call this hollowing-out phenomenon the donut effect, because if I don't have enough donuts, we will go savage on wild animals. Here's my report on El Toro: