Sunday, July 7, 2013

Final TRT Tune-Up

Saturday I decided to get in one last good training effort before officially starting my taper for TRT.  This was about a 32-33 mile hike/run, with poles, at what I perceive to be 100 mile pace, a little over seven hours...

Starting at Rhus Ridge entrance to Rancho San Antonio, I went up over Black, then down through Monte Bello, over to Skyline Open Space where I did our "family hike", then up Borel Hill in Russian Ridge, over to the Hawk trail to get the full Russian Ridge loop.  Then back down through skyline, then to Monte Bello where I went up the steven's creek nature trail, then over to Los Trancos, where I then hooked up to the Los Trancos trail in Foothills park via page mill trail.  Completed the Los Trancos loop and returned through Monte Bello, up Black and back to Rhus Ridge.  Basically a tour of my favorite local trails through six open space preserves with Monte Bello being the cog in the wheel.

The morning running brought some great pics with the fog:

The run went well, I am completely recovered a day later and feel like I could have done the run again today.  Everything seems to be clicking right.  Tahoe Rim Trail, here I come!

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  1. I love all the pics you get, but the fog ones are extra cool! Second to last is my fav, just beautiful.