Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Kansas Running




Wheat and Coronado Heights

"Hedge Trees"


Time to visit the family in Kansas.  I ran from our house in Salina to our family's land out in the country.  It was probably about 25 miles.  Hot and humid, but good cloud cover.  I got more tired than I thought I would, probably due to two days of sitting in a car and not enough sleep, but it was a nice change of pace from the highways that we usually take to get to the "farm".  These pictures are a sampling of what you might find if you go for a run out in the country in Kansas, but it does not do the land justice.  The weather and terrain is actually quite variable.  Yes, there is a lot of flat, but there are a lot of rolling hills with nice views that go forever. 

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  1. Pretty pics! Of course, I've always been taken with Kansas scenery. And the sunsets there are gorgeous; makes the ones here seem watered down in comparison.