Sunday, May 5, 2013

Before Miwok

Done with Sonoma, three weeks until Miwok.  After Sonoma I had an awesome family vacation to Lake Tahoe and did some active relaxing.  The only unfortunate thing was that I was recovering from a pretty mean poison oak reaction because my "runny" brain allowed me to lay down in a patch of the stuff after Sonoma.  Anyways, my right arm swelled up to about twice the size of my left arm which sorta freaked me out a bit and had me considering medical attention.  But it turned out ok.

Then I had a good week of training including a track workout with the guys, and a nice hard rancho run.  Then on Saturday I took the family out on "our hike" which consists of starting out at Skyline Open Space Preserve parking lot and hiking on single track up to Alpine Pond and then back.  From there Joanne and the kids drove back and I ran back to the house.  So that was my long run for the week.

Then I had a business trip to Houston where I did my taper before Miwok.  Basically some nice maintenance runs on some neighborhood recreational path, complete with warning signs about poisonous snakes and alligators.  I guess every destination has it's dangers.  Houston provided some interesting new stimuli including humidity and plenty more fried food than I am used to.

Here are some pics:
Getting "the gang" moving...

On the way back, past Rancho farm, these guys reminded me of Seth and Blake playing in the mud in the back yard.

Sunday morning the next day I hit up a Mission Peak summit.

Sweet pic of the Sunol.

Yeah, it was one of "those" days.

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  1. The arm was pretty scary!! Thankful it went back to normal eventually. Bummer you had to deal with the poison oak on vacay though.

    Thanks for doing the hike with us, awesome idea you had!

    Woah, popular morning on Mission Peak!