Sunday, November 4, 2012

"Secret Destination" Adventure and Dancing with the Cows(Again)

Shsh, it's a Secret!

Saturday I was invited to participate in a special adventure through invitation by "Tours by ToshiMoshi".  I was not disappointed.  Me and an unnamed band of brothers proceeded to an also unnamed secret destination.
On our way.

Sun coming up.

I know, it doesn't look like an official trail, thats because it's not.

I knew Japanese had cat fetishes, but I didn't know how far they would take it...

Mount Sombroso looks kinda small all of the sudden.

Oh yeah.

There is some weird stuff that grows up there.

Looks a little out of place, doesn't it?

Random Pine.

What were we thinking?
It was a fun and nobody died, although a few of us did walk away with some pretty good scratches.  We reached our destination, and that is all I have to say about that.

Mission Peak x2 again

I don't know if I mentioned that I got a quad thrashing last week when I did this workout, but man, my legs were sore for basically the whole week!  To put that in perspective: After I raced Firetrails, a 50 mile race with over 8000 ft of cumulative climbing, my legs were ok the next day and I was running again two days later.  12 miles of two loops of Mission Peak reduced me to a painful wince every-time I descended stairs for the next week.  So obviously I had to do it again.

Time for another couple of loops

Someone must have tipped off the authorities about my prior indiscretions.

Two nice Sunday mornings in a row.

Summit #1
A kind lady took a picture of me at the top.  She said I had nice legs.  I told her they could go all day long!  She didn't seem that impressed.  Actually that is a fib, she just wanted to exchange picture taking services.  The pose seems weird, but imagine just running up 2000 ft in 3 miles and what kind of position you would feel comfortable in!

Here is a not very good video that is very jumpy, so if you get motion sickness, or you don't want to waste your time, don't watch it.  This was my attempt at capturing Devil's Twinkie, going downhill!

Time for loop 2.

Summit #2
There were a bunch of bikers out today, I wonder if they get pissed when some dude just goes running right past them up the mountain?

If you look really closely, you can see all the way to SF.
It will be interesting to see how my legs respond this week.  If systems are working the way they should, they should bounce back faster since they have some training in them now.

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  1. Ok, here goes:

    I can't believe I didn't notice your injury until Sunday afternoon.

    "All of the sudden" and "for a fun" are going to be my new catch phrases.

    It works in your favor for the secret run that your camera is on the wrong setting for pictures with faces in them. Blurry faces = secret identity.

    High voice. Many jokes to be made on that one, but I'll leave it at that.

    Twinkie, Pinkie.


    You & your nice legs are pulling that post over, dude.

    Wish you could have put all your secret footage up, peeps be missin out.

    That's all. And remember, you asked for it.