Saturday, September 15, 2012

Training Run at Quicksilver

As usual, I hit the trails saturday morning.  Here is a picture looking back at Alameda through the valley after the first climb:
 It was a foggy morning, which is usual for this time of year.  This is the reservoir:
 I liked this pic because, well, it just looks cool.
Some people say that the only thing that separates us from monkeys is that we know "art".  Well, it looks like this spider has just reached the next level of ascendance, look out humans, here they come.  This spider has somehow managed to build a web that looks like a tornado.  There in the middle, the funnel goes to the ground.

 This overlooks a valley filled with clouds and shows mount theyer and sombroso in the background.  You can hike sombroso through Sierra Azul, it is fun.  I have tried to reach the "box" before, but it turns into a pretty knarly scramble and apparently there is "no trespassing", whatever that means...

Rumor has it that the "box" protects the entrance to a secret government storehouse for all of the assets that are purchased through "quantitative easing".  The person who can infiltrate, would have access to untold riches.
 This is the Quicksilver skunkworks.  Nobody really knows what we use it for, but it is really important.
 This is Hidalgo cemetery.  Jim Magill, a 65 year old ultra shaman, and president of the Quicksilver Running Club(of which I am a member), doesn't know this yet, but after he runs his last PAUSATF event, we are going to bury him here.
 No Comprehendo.
 I was flying down this hill, and when I turned the corner, this buck was staring me straight in the face.  He was daring me to try to get past him.  As I was retrieving my camera he decided I wasn't worth his time.  He looked as if someone crossed a deer and a donkey, a very impressive physique and nice head gear to boot.
At this point my brand new camera told me that the memory was full.  Lesson Learned:  Get an SD card!

Anyways, that is that.  Next up:  Santa Cruz Mountains Fastpacking Adventure.  It is going to be epic.


  1. First to comment-- for the win!

  2. I am super excited you started this blog! I love seeing the pictures of your adventures + your commentary. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Thanks for sharing! I love your thought processes--they are unique to you!

  4. Welcome to the blogosphere, Jeremy, great way to share about your passion for trail running! Very nice pictures and great photographer eye you have for catching these moments while running/training. I ran 28 flat miles from home to the Palo Alto Baylands this morning, I didn't see as much wildlife as you did, but quite a few humans on this busy Stevens Creek Trail ;-). With 280 weekly posts on my blog, I wish you all the best for many posts and memories your family will cherish.

  5. Those pics are way cool! We are definitely missing out on those kinds of views in Kansas :)

  6. The spider hides in the funnel. We had a lot of those kind of spiders in our yard back in New york. Horizontal webs make it easy to drop ants into and watch the spider do its work.